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ExCom was born out of a noticing a need for more in-depth understanding of ITAR / EAR regulations without carrying the hefty price tag.  The government doesn't have a published structure for ITAR compliance, leaving the laws and regulations up to interpretation. This is leaving management of emerging businesses puzzled as to what, if any ITAR policies and procedures are to be put in place. 

This is where we can help! After a combined 20+ years in the industry, we have experience that has become second nature with regard to ITAR regulations in enviroments including but not limited to:  manufacturing, production, engineering, management and international export. 

To better suit our clients we have locations on both the east and west coast.  You first phone call assessment is on us, so call us today and "get compliant!"


ExCom Consulting Services

Business Meeting

ITAR Registration and Renewals

Initial and yearly renewal registrations

Business Meeting

Site Assessment

We will evaluate your facility by conducting a walk through and employee interviews.  Once the evaluation is complete recommendations will be made that will bring your company in compliance with the current ITAR  regulations



With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to
offer yearly and/or one time ITAR/EAR  compliance training classes at both the Executive and Employee level.

Fountain Pen

TAA / MLA / Snap R / TCP

Have an Export?  We will collaborate with your Management team to evaluate the requirements.  We have knowledge behind TAA, MLA and TCP that are all required to stand behind the DSP Licensing submittals.

Business Meeting

Voluntary Disclosures

We will come in a discuss the breech in detail.  We will provide onsite assistance to ensure all breech steps have been covered, issue a technology control plan and action items.

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